Nairobi Snake Park visit 2024/2025

Nairobi Snake Park Visit

Nairobi Snake Park is one of the National Museums of Kenya attractions located within the compound of the Nairobi National Museum.

On display are, cobras, puff adders, mambas and the large African-Rock python (non-poisonous) found only in Kenya. Several species of crocodile found in Africa, the American alligator, freshwater terrapins and tortoises are also on display aquariums holding coral fish from the East African lakes also feature.

Nairobi Snake Park Visit

The Snake Park provides refuge and home for abandoned and unwanted reptiles including a giant tortoise that is still currently living at the park. The specimen was found wondering along a road in Limuru in 1961.

The Snake Park assists the local public over the years by removing snakes from residential premises as well as advice on handling of the reptiles. Visitors too enjoy the exhibits of reptiles, fish and succulent plants.

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