Whale Migration Tour Watamu, Kenya 2024/25

Whale Migration Tour Watamu

Whales to Wildebeest Safari in Kenya


Visitors to Kenya when hearing about the great migration, automatically imagine herds of wildebeest thundering over the plains from Tanzania to Kenya.

However, few travelers in Kenya have heard of “The Other Migration”. Humpback whales, the marine mammal giants of the ocean, 15 metres in length and 30 tonnes in weight.

They travel annually in their thousands from the Antarctic to Kenya to breed and have their calves in safe tropical waters.

Whale Migration Tour Watamu

The Migrations:

Both migrations peak between July and September, which means that Kenya hosts the “Twin Migration”, a unique wildlife phenomenon, incorporating both savannah and sea safaris.

We offer whale watching excursions. Humpbacks are the most acrobatic of whales, jumping out of the water to communicate and play, they are thrilling to watch.

The best times to watch humpback whales and dolphins in Watamu

Dolphin watching is from November – March

Humpback whale watching is from July – September

Humpback whales, the giant marine mammals, travel annually in their hundreds from the Southern Ocean along the East African Coast.

They reach Watamu Beach in the tropical waters where it is safe to breed.

Hence the Twin migration starting at the Masai Mara for the Wildebeest migration at Masai Mara. You then end up at the Watamu Beach for Humpback whale migration watching during July to September.

You can explore the Humpbacks by boat which we can gladly arrange as an optional extra.

Whale Watching Possible in Watamu

One of the best places to see whales is the Malindi-Watamu Marine National Reserve, where Watamu Marine Association (WMA) has studied dolphins and whales since 2011.

WMA works with the Kenya Wildlife Service to help protect marine mammals, recycle plastic and marine litter, and to engage the local community, including fishermen in eco-tourism activities.

Whales to wildebeest the twin Migration, Kenya 2024/2025

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