Double Cabin Hire in Nairobi

Kenya 4wd Car rental makes it easy to rent a car in Kenya.

4×4 Double Cabin for Hire, Kenya’s Best Rentals for Vehicle Hire.

The 4×4 double cabs are medium pick-up trucks with four doors and full seating arrangement.

Double cabs pick-ups are capable of carrying a good payload in their cargo area. They have long wheelbase.

Double cabs combine great performance with elegant design.

All wheel drive TOYOTA Double Cabin truck.

Nissan Double Cabin Hire 2024

Double Cabin Hire Nairobi
Double Cabin Hire in Nairobi

Inclusive: Hire Free Air terminal drop off and get drivers stipend

4X4 Vehicle Rental in Kenya.

The 4 X 4 Pickups are ideal for:

  • Family functions.
  • Friends’ road trip
  • Business and staff trips
  • Activation camps
  • Staff Commute
  • School trips and school travels
  • Project work.
  • Off road travels.

Hired 4X4 Double Cabins features, Inclusions and conveniences:

  • Unlimited mileage
  • Vehicle hire.
  • Chauffeur Drive.
  • Economical fuel consumption
  • 4 Door and 5-seat Capacity
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Working Air Conditioner, A/C
  • Life savers & Fire Extinguisher