Kenya Mission and Volunteering Tours 2024/2025

Kenya Mission Volunteering Tours

The main aim Kenya 4wd Car rental was established was as a way to give back to God while helping the community. We have been able to achieve this through collaboration with churches, corporates, schools, and different organizations from all walks of life. As an add-on service, we also take missionaries on safaris around Kenya at very competitive rates.

Kenya 4wd Car rental Mission, Volunteer, Charity Tours has grown largely due to increasing North South pro-poor movement. Needy situations in Africa including Kenya, Africa’s volunteer and charity missions are a result of tropical disease, HIV/AIDS, no education, environment and hunger among other social conditions.

Kenya Mission Volunteering Tours
Kenya Mission Volunteering Tours

Projects in which charitable volunteers, human delivary services and resources are chanelled into Kenya and Africa including volunteering in children Homes, Conservation Organisations, Community development projects, School volunteer teaching, volunteers in hospitals, Churches, Women organisations and societal social groups.

Kenya 4wd Car rental offers the best Missionary tours in most Kenya parts, the most affordable home stay Kenya mission safari with Kenya Students group and workshop. Kenya 4wd Car rental understands basic challenges the Kenyan youth and the teenage face in life. Empowering the youth through us for both Kenyan youth and foreigner’s youth helps them to create a better future.

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