Safari minivan 8-Seater Hire

Minivan Car Rental

Safari Customized safari minivans Hire

Safari Vehicle Hire Kenya 2024/2025

An 8-seater safari minivan is a small-scale mover that takes 8 passengers.

The vehicles too have luggage compartment at the back.

We offer safari custom built minivans for hire driven by experienced safari drivers cum guides to our clients be they individuals or corporates.

The vehicles are offered with the driver cum guides.

Our guides have long experience in guiding wildlife safaris.

We can also assist you in booking your hotels and arranging your safari itinerary. The service can be included as part of your safari vehicle hire at no extra cost.

8-seater tour vans for Hire in Kenya.

Minivan Car Rental Toyota car hire van in Kenya.

8-seater Toyota van. Toyota van for hire in Kenya.

8-seater Toyota Van Hire 2024/2025

Hire 8-Seater Safari minivan

Minivan Car Rental
Safari minivan 8-Seater Hire

The Toyota Hiace minivan offers a very smooth ride.

Our minibus have been customized to suite the uneven landscape

found in Kenya Game Reserves and National Parks.

The pop-up room enables the clients to have nice game viewing drives and to take good photographs from atop the minibus.

Models Accessible Include: Toyota Hiace

Motor by CC: 2700-3200cc

Seating Limit: 8 (7+1)

Transmission: Manual or Auto Choices

The cost includes

Free dropping (inside 24 hours of booking as long as the pickup date is 48 hours ahead of time)

Breakdown help

Limitless mileage

Extensive protection

Crash harm waiver

Burglary insurance

All assessments and charges

10% initial installment just to get your booking.