Nairobi Animal Orphanage Day Trip 2024/2025

Nairobi Animal Orphanage Tour

Take a tour of the Orphanage. It is located some 30-minute drive from the Nairobi City Centre next to the Nairobi National Park Headquarters.

The Orphanage hosts lions, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals, serval cats, rare Sokoke cats, warthogs, leopards, various monkeys, baboons and buffalo. Various birds can also be viewed including parrots, guinea fowls, crowned cranes and ostriches.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage Tour

The Orphanage is home to deeply traumatized, often injured, suffering from shock and grief having lost their mother and family – orphaned animals from all over Kenya.

The orphanage is not big which makes it very intimate and easy to wander around. Every enclosure has a notice describing the animals which allows you to relate to them.

The Orphanage educates the public about wildlife and environmental conservation in Kenya. One can read the life history of each animal – whether it was rescued or born in captivity.

The main aim of the orphanage is to treat, nurse, rehabilitate and release the animals into the wild whenever possible, provide conservation education to thus making it an important educational and training facility.

For more than 200,000 visitors each year, the Nairobi Animal Orphanage is an educational part of their trip to Nairobi National Park.

Established in 1964, the orphanage is the oldest of its kind in Kenya and serves as an educational and training facility where more than 20 different animal and bird species are rehabilitated back to health after being abandoned and injured.

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