Nairobi Mamba Village Daytrip 2024/25

Nairobi Mamba Village Tour

Crocodile Farm Tour Nairobi Kenya 2024/2025


The Nairobi Crocodile Farm is situated some 13 kilometres from the Nairobi City Centre.

It is situated off the Lang’ata Karen Road.

A wide range of facilities are provided at the resort, located in a spacious and serene environment accessible by a tarmac and all-weather road.

Amenities at Nairobi Crocodile Farm:

An array of leisure and outdoor activities are available here.

They include secluded picnic site, camel, horse, boat riding.

The farm has adequate space for garden parties, weddings, splendid photo/video shooting sessions.

It offers superb scenery, conferences facility, children playgrounds, leisure park, crocodile pens, ostrich park, bird watching trail and a man-made lake.

A restaurant, barbeque lounge, bar, bandas, art gallery and a gift shop.

An amphitheatre and a botanical garden offering rare, exotic medicinal plants and trees.

The Nairobi Mamba Village is an important environmental education Centre.

School groups of wildlife and science clubs regularly visit the Village to learn about crocodiles and ostriches.

Nairobi Mamba Village Tour

Crocodile Pens at Nairobi Mamba Village:

The crocodile species found here is the Nile Crocodile.

It is one of the three species common in Africa and the biggest as well.

It is a man eater.

The Nile Crocodile is a well-known animal owing to its huge size.

The crocodile has four short, splayed legs, a long powerful tail.

It has a scaly hide with rows of scales that run down the back to end of its tail. Its mighty jaws are regarded as its greatest asset and weapon.

The crocodile’s eyes and ears are also located on the top of their heads. This enables it to conceal the rest of its body underwater.

Juvenile crocodiles are grey, dark olive or brown – though the cross-bands on their tail and body are darker.

As they mature the juveniles hide gets darker as the cross-bands fade away.

The colour of the Crocodile’s skin makes it easy for the reptile to lay in wait patiently for unsuspecting prey.

At the Nairobi Mamba Village, the existing pens are flanked by grayish rocks and sand beds where the Croc’s bask – within a richly vegetated background meant to mimic their wild and natural habitat.

Mamba Village, Nairobi Ostrich Park
Amazing integration of nature and man activities with an opportunity to see savannah ostrich in an extensive area and yet get close enough to feed them from your hand.

All this is experienced in the Mamba village ostrich park.

Ostriches are flightless birds, regarded as the world’s largest and heaviest birds.

Ostriches are found in most parts of Africa. The birds are powerful runners. They have long and sturdy legs though each has only two toes.


Your day today will have been well spent, enjoy.

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