Pemba Channel Fishing Tour 2024/2025

Pemba Shimoni Fishing Tour

Deep sea fishing in Pemba


In Kenya, the Pemba Channel is known as the best place for big game deep sea fishing. Kenya is also turning into a favorite among fly fishermen.

Shimoni area offers you a chance to catch a Striped Marlin at the Pemba Channel. Traditionally when the Kaskazi (northeast monsoon) blows, the billfish arrive in great numbers.

There are two very definite seasons, the Yellowfin Tuna season.

The season runs from August through to the end of October, and the marlin season runs from December to mid-March.

Sailfish season runs from December and January

Fishing techniques practiced:

Spinning, jigging, fly fishing, trolling

Species available:

Blue, black and striped marlin, sword fish, sailfish, mako, tiger and bull shark, dolphin fish, giant trevally and many other lesser game fish.


Shimoni was the original headquarters of the Imperial East Africa Company when Kenya was a British Colony.

Shimoni is located 80km south of Mombasa on the Kenya coast.

It is an area of stunning natural beauty made famous nowadays by the magnificent Kisiti Marine National Park, where visitors regularly swim with the resident dolphins.

A dolphin swim depends on a calm sea and dolphins in a playful mood – fortunately a common scenario.

Each day trip is a unique experience crafted from the day’s ingredients.


The stunning natural beauty of coral islands carved by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

It is a magnificent coral reef (that many have compared with the Great Barrier Reef and the Red Sea).

We offer romantic sailing dhows and their friendly crews that delight in tending to your every whim, and an exotic Swahili lunch served “al-fresco” on board in a tropical island cove.

You don’t need to swim like a dolphin to enjoy Kisiti Marine Park’s delights.

With experienced guides in the water and buoyancy aids and life-rings, even non-swimmers can join the fun!

First-timer or experienced snorkeler – you are in for a treat.

The Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin is also known as the Chinese White Dolphin.

These dolphins can be found in areas from the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean, ranging from the Northern East China Sea to New South Wales, Australia.

Born in varying shades of light black to dark grey, their coloring changes with age.

The dolphins shape of the head bears some resemblance to that of the bottlenose dolphin although the snout is usually more elongated and the forehead less distinct.

One of the major differences with these dolphins also, is the fact that they can occupy both fresh and soft water regions.

Humpback dolphins feed on fish that live close to the seabed and fish that live on reef but have been known to also eat squid.

They generally feed independently and some groups.

These particular dolphins have been seen to chase fish onto sandbanks where they strand, the dolphins then beach themselves on the sand banks, grab the stranded fish and wriggle back into the water again.

Their stomachs are able to process large chunks of food.

Pemba Shimoni Fishing Tour

A close encounter with a dolphin in the wild is a thrilling experience and one that stays with people for the rest of their lives.

This region is the ultimate destination for the big game fish that challenges even the most experienced angler’s skills, but there is also plenty of fun to be had by beginners who want a high-energy beach vacation on the Indian Ocean.

Kenya 4WD Car Rental can organize multi-day fishing excursions from your beach hotel in Mombasa, Watamu, Lamu Isand, Malindi, Kilifi, Funzi Island and Chale Island.

Find the tuna and you may also find shark – hammerhead, tiger and leaping mako. For a remarkable deep sea fishing experience in Kenya.

Venture out on multi-day excursions to face the strongest fighting fish in the Kenyan waters – broadbill swordfish.

When you are not fishing or waiting for a nibble on your hook, watch the water for migrating whale shark, humpback whale and dolphin.

In July and August, medium size black marlin are caught in the shallow waters close to seashore, and at the end of September and early October till December is when the sailfish are most abundant and resident respectively.

Hooking one of these fish is the most difficult part of the experience, but once you do, the great sailfish jumps into the air, giving you quite a show while you reel it to the boat.

Black marlin are found closer to the shoreline, and the thrilling blue marlin is found in the deeper water amongst the tuna shoals starting in mid-February.

Barefoot comfort away from the stresses of modern life, a place of fresh air and perfect peace

Deep sea fishing in Pemba


Pemba Island and the 55-kilometer section of the Pemba Channel are possibly the most exhilarating locations for deep sea fishing vacation in Africa.

The deep blue waters of the ocean reach depths of over 820 meters, and the environs of the island are incredibly beautiful.

Big game fishing around Pemba Island is always conducted in strict compliance with IGFA regulations that do not permit reef fishing.

Pemba Shimoni Fishing Tour

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