Mida Creek Tour Watamu 2024/2025

Mida Creek Tour Watamu

Mida Creek Tour and Board Walk 2024/2025


This half day adventure begins at the nature reserve.

The boardwalk lies about twenty minutes by road from Watamu.

Mida Creek is located south of Watamu and is a natural marine cove on the coast, about 5 km deep, which stands out from the surrounding nature for its fauna and flora.

It is composed of mazes of waterways and is home to one of the largest mangrove ecosystems in the world. The warm and shallow waters of Mida Creek are also a refuge for many birds of prey, storks, herons and pink flamingos.

The Mida Creek is one of the most productive mangrove ecosystems in the world.

It is a recognized International Bird Area and together with Arabuko-Sokoke Forest forms a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The Experience:

After a short walk through the mangroves, where you can see flamingos, herons and birds of prey, you cross the “Indiana Jones” suspension bridge.

You observe from above the green mangroves along the coast and a natural oasis full of birds fluttering in the calm waters of the sea.

It is also possible to embark on a canoe to explore the sea water channels through a 40-minute journey.

The wooden bridge completely suspended between the mangroves and about 200 meters long and crosses a part of the lagoon from the mainland.

During low tide, it is also possible to walk on the beach to admire various types of shells.

Mida Creek Tour Watamu

With the multi-colored birds flying from one side to the other are outstanding.

The maze of canals and the mangrove jungle, the landscape you encounter returns to a setting of enchanting and outstanding beauty.

Visit South Island for a seafood lunch and sunbathing.

Bird Reserve

Migratory birds utilize Mida Creek as a stopover point, and it is essential to their survival.

It comprises of different types of habitats that are influenced by the tides, mud flats, sand flats, open shallow waters and mangrove forests.

It is a paradise for national waterfowls and migrating birds from Europe and Eurasia.

The migratory birds find a place to rest during their journey and stay at Mida Creek during winter.

Mida Creek Mangrove Forest Glass-Bottom Boat Safari Through Watamu Marine National Park 2024/2025

Experience the breadth of Kenya’s coastal environments.


This Day trip enables you to appreciate the diversity of Kenya’s marine Ecosystem.

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