Boat Ride at Lake Naivasha 2024/2025

Boat Ride Naivasha Daytrip

Go on a Boat Ride in this wonderful rift valley lake.

The boat ride will take you to see the hundreds of birds in this lake including the diving African fish eagle which dives in the water to catch fish without ever missing.

You will also go to the hippo pool and see the hippos as they swim and bleat inside the water while opening their mouths to over 180 degrees.

Boat Ride Naivasha Daytrip

Boat ride on Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha in Kenya is a freshwater lake that can be found in Africa.
Discover this beautiful lake during a boat ride and be surprised by the beautiful water birds and the many hippos that live in and around the water.

Lake Naivasha, an IBA (Important Bird Area). You will find more than 300 different bird species including the African fish eagle which is present in high numbers around the lake.

The boat safari along Lake Naivasha offers a unique perspective on wildlife viewing in Kenya.

Lake Naivasha Day Trip Safari from Nairobi offers a fantastic experience on a boat ride on the calm waters of Lake Naivasha and a foot safari on Crescent Island Game Conservancy.

Lake Naivasha Tours and Activities 2024/2025

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