Mrs. Mitchell’s Kiambethu Tea Farm Tour 2024/2025

Mitchell’s Kiambethu Tea Farm

Take a day tour to the Mrs. Mitchell’s Kiambethu Tea Farm. The excursion offers a superb lunchtime buffet and an insight into the growing and making of tea.

The Farm is situated just 40-minute drive from the from Nairobi City Centre in Limuru area and provides a tranquil insight in the life of a settler farm. You will also visit an indigenous forest.

Mitchell’s Kiambethu Tea Farm

The farm dates back to 1910 and the present house set amidst colorful gardens, has been home to four generations. You will also see tea in the field. The Kiambethu Estate is located at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level.

It offers a truly magnificent garden with views of the spectacular Mount Kilimanjaro and the Ngong hills and has lush acres of tea plantations. It was started by two English families Mitchell & McDonnell; the said families are said to be the first to have ventured into the tea business here. Kenya is the third largest producer of tea in the world after Sri Lanka and India.

Mitchell’s Kiambethu Tea Farm

Just a short drive from the heart of Nairobi, Kiambethu Farm at Limuru provides a tranquil insight into life on a settler farm.

Situated at 7,200 ft., Kiambethu was bought and farmed by AB McDonell in 1910. He was a pioneer in the tea industry being one of the first to make and sell tea commercially in Kenya – now one of Kenya’s largest exports.

Five generations have lived on the farm, and it is currently run by his granddaughter Fiona Vernon. The farmhouse is set within beautiful gardens surrounded by acres of tea and indigenous forest – home to the Columbus monkey.

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