Kenya Mountain Climbing Trekking

Mount Kenya actually has three peaks: Batian, Nelion and Point Lenana. Depending on which one you choose to climb, the ascent ranges from a intermediate-level trekking experience to a highly technical rock climb. Admire the interesting plant life thriving on the mountain.

4 Days Aberdare Walking & Trekking Safari Adventure in Kenya Tours
4 Days Aberdare walking safari adventure 2024/2025

Aberdare Walking safari tour, the trek is fascinating with beautiful floras and fauna, the Aberdares has several waterfalls, Karuru waterfalls.


Add a bit of thrill-seeking to your action-adventure holidays in East Africa with a white-water rafting trip along the Tana River located approximately 60 miles (95 kilometers) from Nairobi. The excellent rapids on the river will excite even the most seasoned rafter while offering first-timers the opportunity to learn the skills needed to safely and successfully navigate the rapids.

Mount Kenya Day Hike

4 Days Kenya White water rafting
5 Days Sirimon – Naro Moru Route
3 days Mount Kenya Climbing
4 days Mount Kenya climbing Sirimon route
4 Days Sirimon Mount Kenya traverse
3 Days Aberdares walking safaris
7 Days Mount Kenya Technical Climb

Kenya Mountain Climbing Trekking